Updates: 1/4/21

To All MDA Instructors And Members


Hope that you and the family are all well and safe during the pandenmic lockdown.


Following the recent UK Government lockdown Covid-19 Response Spring 2021 guidance which came out at the end of February 2021, it states that although gyms can open on 12 April under Step 2, adult exercise classes indoors would still not be allowed until Step 3, hopefully 17 May. During Step 2 period, outdoor classes of no more than 6 people organised by the Gym would be allowed. If the situation continues to improve, we will hopefully be opened on the 17 May. Do watch this space for future updates.


Keep up with your practice and if you need reminder of your form sequence, do check out our online streaming site:   Make sure you join as a member site first if you wish to place a subscription. Membership is free.


Until then take care and stay save.


See you all soon.

May the Chi be with you all.



Updates: 4/1/21
To All MDA Instructors And Members
Hope that all of you have had a Merry Christmas and a great New Year 2021
Following the November 2020 lockdown, all London areas have been moved into Tier 4 which meant that we are still unable to re-open the Academy until the restrictions are lifted. We remain closed until such time when the Government announces that we (i.e. leisure & gyms) can re-open.
Once again during lockdown, do keep up with your regular Tai Chi practice at home. You can also use our online streaming website: as a valuable source of reference.
Remain alert, take care and be safe
See you all soon in class!

April 5th 2013


Cellulare Chi Kung App
Il temporizzatore per il Tai Chi del Maestro Ding e' stato progettato dal Maestro John Ding.
Questo semplice e gratuito temporizzatore per il Tai Chi funziona come un semplice temporizzatore a intervalli che permette all'utente di organizzare la propria pratica. Grazie alle funzioni disponibili è possibile scegliere il tempo totale di pratica, il tempo parziale, il numero di intervalli/sessioni di pratica, di gioco, di riunione o di meditazione.


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