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..greater sense of calm with respect to life's events

I no longer have neck ache, which regularly "paralysed" me. The insomnia has gone. I am grateful every day for chi kung. The effects are long term. Combining tai chi with singing is a privilege. The bodily sensations, while not apparent from the outside, are extraordinary to me. It has completely changed my perception of singing from external performance to internal experience and from pressure to pleasure. Practicing chi kung early in the morning gives me the sense that I have time and calms my emotions, which helps at work. The better I get, the better I need to be, so there is always the motivation to continue and discover more. 
Mary (Profession: Statistician
/ 10 years Tai Chi) 

Tai Chi has allowed me to get very close to my goals. Initially Tai Chi gave me only a sort of 'softening' and continuity in my movements. Later on I also found a sense of centeredness and stability which extended itself to all other areas of my life, making its effects more tangible and not merely metaphoric.  Finally, and only under the right guidance and instruction I have seen my strength increase, health improve, achieved better results in the applications, as well as a greater sense of calm with respect to life's events.
Giuseppe (Profession: Musician and music teacher [classical and contemporary Guitar] / 13 years)

I had no real expectations


of how I might reach the goal of becoming sensitive and powerful at the same time. I thought it was a myth but after the first workshop with Sifu Ding, I knew it was no myth. Tai Chi Chuan gave me back the real thread of life. After some health problems and life crisis tai chi helped me become strong and positive again. It gives me positive daily life challenges.
Andreas (Profession: Ecologist
/ 9 years Tai Chi)

I think that Tai Chi has a great influence in my life. The benefits are not only bodily, but I became more patiently with myself and others. I learned to relax in a lot of situations of daily life, so that I can better manage the daily problems. I feel more self-confident, sociable and able to remain calm. 
Kornelia (Profession: Medical Research Assistant / 4 ½ years Tai Chi)

In the first school I trained,  we did  a very good Qi Gong for relaxation but never got over that point. In the second school we did a beautiful Tai Chi but never touched each other and therefore it was merely a choreography and empty. You need to find a teacher who has the knowledge, the ability and the wish to pass it on to you.That was difficult to find but now my expectations are even surpassed and I do not just learn a beautiful art but became part of a big family too.
Bruno (Profession: Physician / 11 Years Tai Chi)
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