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Tai Chi Chuan Revelation Principles and Concepts
by Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, 
5th Generation Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and First Disciple of Great Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung

Translated by Master John Ding, First Disciple of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak.
The late Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak  was one of the few remaining forefront figures in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan today. He has vast experience and understanding of Tai Chi Chuan with knowledge that spans a lifetime of disciplined and devoted practice. 
In this first book, he shares his insight and deeper understanding of the Tai Chi classics He includes some of the unspoken original interpretations and concepts not found in other Tai Chi texts. He stresses other important Tai Chi authors and texts and covers Wang Tsung Yueh’s Thirteen Postures of Chi circulatory movements, the Tai Chi Kuen Loong, and Han Kung Hao Quk. Grandmaster Ip also emphasised on the “Essential points of Tai Chi”, as well as Tai Chi’s slow and soft nature. He too also takes a critical eye towards Tai Chi and gives his thoughts into its weaknesses.
Grandmaster Ip’s first book also contains some rare pictures of Grandmaster Ip and Great Grandmaster Yang and names of postures in the form, sword, sabre and 13 spear techniques.
This book certainly contains a wealth of knowledge, which will assist both beginners and advanced practitioners who are seeking to improve and gain deeper understanding into the principles and concepts of Tai Chi Chuan.
A must for practitioners of all styles of Tai Chi Chuan!
The Book is available in Paperback : £29.99 (plus postage and packaging of £4.50 in UK only) or

Special Hard Back Limited Edition: £55 (plus postage and packaging of £5.50 in UK only)
A commemorative special edition Grandmaster Ip’s book in English which include a signed note by Grandmaster Ip with his personal Chinese seal addressed to the person who purchased the copy.This is a rare and valuable opportunity to collect one of the signed first edition copies of today’s forefront Tai Chi specialists. 

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