is fine. You can wear flat shoes or trainers if you wish. Official Master Ding Academy uniforms are available.
What can I expect from a Tai Chi lesson?             
From your first session, you will learn the true skills of traditional Yang-style Tai Chi, including:
• The principles and concepts that underpin the art
• The role of internal energy and how to develop and use it
• How to still the mind

In our classes you will:
• Boost your health and wellbeing
• Relax and strengthen your body
• Learn to move with ease and grace
• Develop better body coordination and awareness
• Learn how to stay calm in stressful situations

Our instructors are all trained by Sifu John Ding,sixth generation master in the Yang Style lineage. Classes are designed to be fun and we provide a supportive, friendly atmosphere in which to learn this marvellous Chinese holistic ancient.


A typical lesson consists of:
• Breathing exercises to calm and relax the body and mind (Chi kung)
• Warm up exercises
• The foundation form and long form
• Exploration of the 'principles and concepts'
• Breathing exercises to cool the body down.

I haven't done anything like this before, what should I expect?
The format of the class is a mixture of group practice and personal training time, which gives the opportunity for individual attention. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions and most importantly the time to absorb what is being taught. Master Ding Academy Instructors are approachable and realistic as to what can be imparted within a session. You will also be supported by the friendly community of students that are drawn to training Tai Chi.
Is Tai Chi for the elderly only?
No, in fact within Master Ding Academy our students range from as young as 16 to those in their sixties and beyond. Tai Chi

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