**Cancelled**Hamburg Special Masterclass: Cheung Kuen Se Ying (Long Fist Snake Form) & Applications

July 27 2020 until July 30 2020
From 00:00 - 00:00 each day.



Hamburg Special Master Class:
Cheung Kuen Se Ying  (Long Fist Snake Form) & Applications
*4 day intensive course*

The last of 3 workshops in 2020 to learn Grandmaster Ip’s Cheung Kuen Se Ying (Long Fist Snake Form) taught by Master Ding.

More information about this form can be found in our dedicated facebook page:
Master Ding Academy Cheung Kuen Se Ying: Long Fist Snake Form

An opportunity not to be missed!

Places are limited
You are advised to book early!
Open to all styles of Tai Chi and other martial arts practitioners.

Hamburg, Germany.

Payment Details:
Discount available for early booking.
Contact organiser for more details

Contact Details:
Ute Andresen
t: 04661 / 67 55 11
e: taichi-nf@outlook.de